I'm a New York City based designer, with specialties in UX/UI design, typography, hand calligraphy and lettering arts. I am focused on solving problems with high-quality, creative design, and designing with precision and meticulous attention to detail.
I graduated from Cornell University with a degree in linguistics, focus in visual art, and work in book conservation. After graduating in 2004 I moved to New York and began calligraphy and design studies at the Center for Book Arts, Cooper Union, and the Society of Scribes. From 2012 to 2013 I studied calligraphy full-time in London, UK, receiving a professional certificate in calligraphy from the University of Sunderland.
I received additional professional certificates in typeface design at Cooper Union in 2014, and User Experience Design at General Assembly in 2020.
In 2014 I joined a new startup called Bond, Inc. as their Director of Handwriting. Bond was an innovative tech startup focused on automation of handwritten notes using a customer's actual digitized handwriting, written with actual pens on robots designed in-house. I worked closely with Bond's engineers, robotics experts, developers and customer support to develop the handwriting digitization process and output.
I have years of experience working in retail settings for stationery and graphic design, as well as experience with freelance graphic design, calligraphy, typography and visual art. I have designed original typefaces, monograms, logos, newsletters, stationery, holiday and greeting cards, event invitations, and announcements.
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